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The Kevin Levrone brand is joining the Dubai Muscle Show,  which will be held on 28-30th October in 2021.  We are delighted to announce that we will present our new products at the most popular in the Middle East’s fitness event, where fitness fanatics can... view more
Zwieńczeniem wiosennego tour Kevina były największe targi w Europie – FIBO w Kolonii. 4 dni intensywnej pracy na stanowisku, rzeka ludzi przesuwająca się z każdej strony, mnóstwo wystawców z różnych dziedzin branży fitness. Kevin był obecny na stanowisku... view more
The visit in Greece went great! Lots of guests came to Athens to meet Kevin and celebrate the birthday of the store! The atmosphere was great, full of smile and joy. Kevin received great souvenirs from the hosts. Thank you very much! view more
Germany is another country that Kevin visited. The master visited Muscle Factory, where his fans have already been waiting. Everyone had the opportunity to talk to Kevin and use his knowledge and experience! view more
On the Kevin’s route was Albania! A lot of unforgettable impressions and attractions. view more
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