We are excited to announce the world-renowned professional bodybuilder Kevin Levrone's tour! This is a unique opportunity for all sports, bodybuilding, and fitness enthusiasts to meet their idol and draw inspiration from him.

On this unforgettable tour, you can expect numerous attractions:

  • Meet&Greet: You will have the chance to meet Kevin Levrone in person, have a conversation with him, and greet your favorite athlete.
  • Autographs: You can get his signature on your favorite items – T-shirts, posters or trophies.
  • Welcome Packages: The first attendees will receive special welcome packages from Kevin Levrone, filled with valuable goodies.
  • Supplements and T-Shirts: A wide range of supplements and t-shirts related to Kevin Levrone will be available on-site. It's a great opportunity to replenish your supplies and show your support for the bodybuilding legend.

Whether you are experienced athletes or just beginning your journey in sports, this tour is for you. You will not only gain motivation from the master himself but also receive valuable advice and inspiration to achieve your goals.

Kevin Levrone's tour will kick off in the Czech Republic (November 17-18), then Austria (November 19) and then move to Dubai, where you will have the opportunity to meet him at the Dubai Muscle Show (November 24-26), and conclude in Sweden, where he will be available during Fitness Festivalen (December 1-3).

This is a unique opportunity, so don't miss it! We encourage all sports, bodybuilding, and fitness fans to participate in these events. It's not only a chance to learn from the best but also an opportunity to meet people with similar interests. Together, we can achieve great things! Peace, love, and SHABOOM baby!

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